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Stine "Ess" Beck Kloster is a MSc Audio Design graduate from Aarhus University's Faculty of Arts and Communication (2016).
As an autodidact musician and music producer, she has been active on the Danish and European Experimental underground music scene for the past 5 years with bands including ZRN, Tales of Murder and Dust, and also as a live VJ and video artist, before she started working with Sound & Mixed Media Arts in 2017.

Combining her work as an experimental musician with multimedia and performance, she explores the cross-field between analogue and digital technology, examining how tools and technology shape creative processes and the subjective production of meaning in context of Cybernetics.
This work is particularly done in light of her thesis studies in Audiovisual Culture  and Audio-dramaturgical practice. In all aspects of her working process, is an ambition to understand the nature and role of sound and technology in relation to the theatrical event, narrative, process and Human Behavioral Economics.

Her cross-disciplinary work expresses a consistent theme of gender-identity, Cybernetics and Slow Technology which often works as a creative framework and catalysts for her critical, action-discourse methodology, which could be characterized as "poetic actualism". In her recent works (2018->) she is also incorporating the idea of "imagined sound", to investigate how sound can "exist" in visual work as an inaudible entity present through suggestion

In most of her music and sound art performance productions, she operates in the field between music concrète and conventional compositions, which she combines with a love for unintentional noise, mechanical systems, and near-chaotic, excessive use of effects.

Apart from her project-based work, she is using her findings from her process-oriented praxis to develop methods for open teaching programs to encourage young women to play/work with sound technology and experimental forms of sonic expression.



direct contact: essbeckperson(at)


In Process: June 2020 - Sept 2022: Director/writer/performer: "A Symphony For Fallen Trees" - Sound Art Performance in five parts 

Nov 2020: "The Rope Works" - concept and method present / presented by Sunship @Tape, Aarhus.  

Mar 2019- aug 2020:  Maternity Leave

Aug 2018: DJBFA New York Residency (composer)

Mar 2018: Residency at IAC Malmö (Make Sound Residency) supported by Dansk Komponist Forening. 

Feb 2018: Visiting Speaker  (sound production) @ Female Festival, Odense

Oct 2017: Visiting Artist/teacher @ Sisters Academy


2017- > Creative Director,  Across The Floor
- organization for experimental music and sound arts


2016: Graduate Msc from Audio Design, Aarhus University

2012: Bachelor of Dramaturgy, Aarhus University 

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