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In Retrospect: Human

In Retrospect: Human is a series of work created under the same thematic framework. The theme - or concept if you will - is based on a question: "what is left of the human experience once we all become digital". It's a exploration with a dystopian sci-fi-like musing pointing towards tactile and sonic events that are no longer there, but which only exists through idea of happening, which is qualified through symbolic representation. One of the key aspects in the creation of each work is thus "imagined sound" and representational sound, which steers the creative process, in term of choice of materials as well as the design of the artwork. The work on this series began in 2017. 




Wiiii! is a visual installation based on the concept of imagined sound executed by virtue of the imagined action and movement that is represented in the swing and its hair. 

It's the artists musings on a post-human society where only our objects and bodily leftovers remains. Is an imagining of how we may even in a place where we are not present be able to insert ourselves as sensory beings by imagining us there through sound and action, mediated by the presence of symbolic and/or iconic objects. (2017/2018)


"Skin": This is the first audiovisual installation from the series of works titled "In retrospect: Human". 

Skin is, at its core, a visual work comprised of a meticulously crafted patchwork of nylon stockings.

The patchwork is, when installed, used as a visual centre for the entire installation which also features light and sound.

With the light-installation there is a visual effect that causes the work to be doubled and which offers an additional semantic layer to the work. Meanwhile, the sound scape around it lifts the audience experience to another level, by activating the ears and playing with psycho-acoustics via amplification and distortion of micro-sounds.

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