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Lysistrate 360 - Akt 1Ess Beck
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"Lysistrata 360" is a hybrid between a concert and a Sound Art Performance which was first premiered at  the festival "Lyd & litteratur 2018", as a unique piece, customized for the festival. 

The performance is based on the Greek Comedy "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes. I edited and rewrote the manuscript down to 5 small acts and performed these by preprogramming a text reader to launch the written text live, which was, organized (Chopped meticulously) to have rhythmic qualities according to the possibilities (and limitations) of the computer's text reading program.

The reading was accompanied by synthesized sounds and recorded loops that were created and manipulated live, on stage: The recorded sound (which was looped live) was created by printing out the text that had just been read, and blending them with the noises and rhythms coming from the printer (equipped with contact mics). This was used as a base for music-like parts of the play.

Further down the timeline, the paper material would pass through a shredder, and finally the shredded paper would serve as a sound source for the final part of the "score".
The total play was 5 acts / 28 minutes. 


With this performance piece I, first and foremost, wanted the story to stand alone as a reminder of how little progress our society has made concerning the relation between men and women and their respective status in society, as a structural fact running along side seemingly important progressions in technology, media and literature where the feminist voice has found a realm of expression. 

With the act of switching between the Analogue and Digital source output format, I also wanted to foster conversations on (whether) the growing digitalization of the written word, and its progression into new forms of media (audio books etc), could render history and literature, as historical testamens to our past culture and important backbone of understanding, obsolete, once they disappear into the vast endlessness of the digital/cyber future.

Could media conversion and digital compression create an unintended compression of meaning and importance - perhaps forgetfulness? Is the digital age both the ending and the beginning of collective historical understanding and knowing? Will literature find a new purpose in society because we are finding new ways to remediate and communicate content? 

Screen shots from DR Kultur, who featured the performance and interview with me regarding the topic of artistic praxis and focused, creative immersion in the program "Welcome to the Future - Immersion" (Velkommen til Fremtiden - Fordybelse, 2018)

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