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Your Action is Required: Moderation

Your moderation is required!

After a seemingly uninhibited flow or output - and words and images about this flow of output, I am now standing in the post-liminal phase, looking back at the products of my action.

The task at hand is to condense, condense and condense the sonic output of each day, in to something "release-able". The other task I will also undertake is to moderate my production of text and video. This means that the videos that are online will slowly become shorter and shorter as I edit them. And they will be cut up and dispersed as several individual artefacts, like a large bread being cut into slices.

The nowness of the process is no longer, and the event that was the residency is in a transitory state. Its permeability affords a new state of the "concept" that is formulating itself. I am no longer producing, acting and performing sound, but I am re-shaping my act to a new context: the aesthetic mediation of communication.

Therefore the time-space context of the 7-day stretch and the live performance over the course of this stretch, no longer stands in a direct (semantic) relation to itself. Its actual purpose has been exhausted, and it is now just "documentation".

What stands will be snapshots, in a communication about action- process, after this is done; the creative treatment of actuality.


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