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Performance Concepts + Projects

On this page I elaborate more about the projects I undertake - the how, when and why's. 

Lysistrata 360

October 2018

Radar /Lyd & Litteratur Festival 

"Your Action is Required" Concept Residency at IAC Malmö

From 10-18 of March 2018 I undertook a residency at the Inter Arts Center Malmø (University of Lund). The concept I had formed for this residency was called "Your Action Is Required" and is a continuation and reworking of my x-hour woman format, which was born from my "24-hour woman" performance. 

During my residency I examined the value of process in relation and opposition to contemporary Danish cultural politics (and neoliberal socio-performance ideals) and the general institutionalisation of arts. 
I explored how we as citizens and artists understand and live with (and despite) concepts such as productivity, waste, failure, artistic ingenuity, stamina and communication and how we navigate these as structural systems in our society. 

With the residency I aimed to  produce material towards a product that can be released and listened to.

24-Hour Woman + X-Hour Woman Concept

"24-hour woman" - a case for everything in between.

The "X-hour woman" concept was developed on the basis on  my 24-hour online performance, "24-hour woman" (2017) 

The work featured the female creative subject (artist) in a 24 -hour creative process as a "performance" and  as precarious labour.
It presented itself as an exploration of the nature of process versus the structural leanings of the late modern neo-liberal performance society - And a general case against the rationalization of body and mind as pertaining to a singular, closed temporal discourse. But over time, the purpose and meaning has expanded itself to deal with bio-politics, artistic stamina and elitism, and the value of artistic process versus the value of artistic product.



Performance at Scenekunsthus Aarhus

October 2017. 

Workshop on Sound Play @ Sonic Cyberfeminisms '17

Delighted to take part in an absolutely wonderful event highlighting issues and opportunities with equality in the world of all things sonic.


on 05.06.17, I contributed with a workshop called "Where does a body end?" - a practical guide to curbing some of the potential issues and possibilities with technology enhances learning in relation to gender equality. In short, we looked at free technology (web-based) and how to unleash, tame and get the best out of collective and individual creativity with all the tools in form of at-hand recording devices, people have today.

We discussed pedagogical perspectives and challenges, in light of one of the hot topics on the seminar:
How do we get young women involved AND get them to stay in sound and music. And how can we use this questioning to tackle even more issues in terms of equal access to the creative industries which, today, normally require being highly literate in various technologies, to "gain access- and acceptance- to the control room".

Check out the event here

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