Work in Progress: Concrete Music

January 22, 2020

I am currently developing a series of concrete sound sources - or instruments one might say. 

This is the first prototype. The finished work of the first instrument can be seen in my portfolio from February 15. 

To listen to what this instrument sound like in use: 

Contact mic


> into audio interface and recorded in protools. 

Kunsten.nu Podcast

July 31, 2019

Jeg har fornøjelsen af at være med i denne podcast af Anne Neimann Clement (Kunsten.nu) omkring kønsidentitet og det lydlige.

I have the pleasure of participating in this podcast production about gender identity and what it means to be working with sound in an artistic and activist context as a non-binary femme. (in danish)

LandEscape Featured Artist

January 01, 2020

I am delighted to have a feature on my process-oriented praxis as a creative tool and how it also works as an activist framework. And much much more.

LandEscape Special Edition :


Ess Beck featured on DR Kultur (Danish Broadcast Television)

December 17, 2018

I was recently featured on DR K (Danish National Broadcast) as a part of the program  "Velkommen til Fremtiden -fordybelse" with my Sound art performance "Lysistrate 360" from Lyd & Litteratur Festival, plus with few words about focus and immersion in art and performance.

See it here (only available in Denmark)

photo: All rights reserved DR K

Performance Lyd & Litteratur 2018

September 23, 2018

I will be performing at Lyd & Litteratur (Sound & Literature) festival in Aarhus At Radar on oct 27. I will be performing the piece "Lysistrata" which will be a sonification and manifestation based around the physical production (printing) of this Greek comedy exported from public domain in the cyber world and out to the real world  - a transformation and action which will lead to inevitable deconstruction of the piece as an original piece of literature.

Ess Beck residency at IAC

February 18, 2018

I will be moving my praxis in to IAC (Inter Arts Center) from 10-18 of March where I will be expanding and exploring my creative methodology over the course of this production period, followed by a post production period that will result in a final piece (to be released).

During my residency I will unfold my process-oriented methodology, examining themes such as self-spectatorship, autopoiesis and flow. Placing my praxis at IAC creates a perfect opportunity to explore conditions of creativity, in terms of how the producing entity's understanding of time, space, action relates to the understanding of purpose and how this affords a simultaneous creation of an imagined recipient, from the perspective of the producing entity (me).

By using process I attempt to expand and suspend normative ideas of productivity in relation to (sound) arts and performance. I will use the intersection between sound and music as an aesthetic context and "action space" where I will investigate what happens when the dialogical discourse in artistic production becomes multi-directional and particularly self-directional; What does this mean for my own understanding of process, matter and poetic significance in relation to productivity? And what kind of artistic products/results does this question-driven, open-process methodology foster?

I will do meticulous self-observation through out the stay - this will be done on various mediums: One of them is on my blog, which is a free-form flow of thoughts before, during and after the stay.  READ HERE

#actualism #process #multipledirections #post-relational #Post-performance

Workshop at Female Festival 2018 added! (28.02)

January 11, 2020

Workshop at Female Festival 2018 added!

Aside from introducing participants to some of the keys tools to DIY-work with music and sound, I will be talking a bit about the importance of these tools and how they can help shape creativity and individual expression as an important factor in longevity and a healthy, positive zest for one's future life as a musician.

New workshop coming up on February 17!

October 17, 2017

I am doing a new work shop on the introduction to sound techology and mixing.

The work shop will be a full day work shop and held on the 17th of February at DOKK1.

Price to attend only 120 DKK.

More info coming soon!

Ess Beck @ Sisters Academy, Den Frie 2017

August 24, 2017

I'm delighted to let you know that I will be participating in the Sisters Academy Project this fall.

I will enrol as a visiting artist/Teacher from 6-8 of october, with sound as my primary medium.


"Sisters Academy is a school in a world and society where the sensuous and poetic mode of being is at the center of all action and interaction. It defines the primary mode of being and is the values on which all societal institutions are building – including the school. Thus Sisters Academy is the school in what we term a Sensuous society – A potential new world arising from the post-economical and ecological crisis(...) Sisters Academy is equally rooted in performance art, research, pedagogy and activism. For a more in-depth description see Research. Also see articles and press here. Here-within a dialogue between Ass. Prof. Ida Krøgholt, Arts, AAU and The Sisters here and an extended selection of articles on the work of Sisters Hope here."

Read more about the project here:

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