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Your Action is Required: Circles and Waves

Just finished my work for day 5. Unfortunately my recording computer crashed and I lost most of the recording for this eve! Which really, really is annoying as I did some parts that I would have loved to revisit in the post production.

Anyway, had a really good session. It had very few changes and I was "inside" each compositing for a very long time, just soaking in the impressions and harmonics in the modulated noises, the clashing of half notes, white noise and timbres from various objects. Like watching a painting for a REALLY long time. I am beginning to feel like my ideas are repeating, as if there is a creative funnel where things are starting to become more focus, and I am becoming increasingly aware of what I am going to take with me from this work.

I am quite focused on the "bells" and the metal plate at the moment and I think it will take up a lot of space in the final work. Lyrics and themes are starting to take shape too.

In real life, today has been a bit of a whirlwind with "real world" people trying to get in touch with me and requiring my action. It seems like the performance situation and to be broadcast online is less of a pressure than real life, sometimes! As I am sitting here at the IAC, I can hear the wind blowing quite aggressively on the ceiling of the building. I am dreading to go outside and make my way home. It's a stark contrast to the relative shelter of the creative space inside "The Black Room".

One last thought for today: in my blogpost on the 13th I mentioned circular motions. I think the circle may be unfolding itself and turning into a wave. Maybe it is both. It reminded me of this:

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